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Thursday, 11/1/12

No Fireball puzzle this week. Blame Sandy. Glad that Peter Gordon’s electricity is back on (Long Island); hope full internet access follows soon. Announcement! Patrick Blindauer’s website puzzle for the month of November (“For Blockheads”) is posted now, and his … Continue reading

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Wednesday, 10/31/12

Hello, people with electricity and internet access! Now’s our chance to talk smack about our friends in New Jersey and other Mid-Atlantic states. They’ll never know!

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MGWCC #230

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Tuesday, 10/30/12

Thinking of all of you who are in Sandy’s path and bearing the brunt of the storm. Friends in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Virginia have lost power, and I know they’ve got plenty of company. Stay warm, dry, … Continue reading

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The Week In Crosswords

“Drop the crossword puzzle and go outside, you old nerds, before your brains fall out through your ears,” said the Wall Street Journal and Daily Mail. All right, I’m paraphrasing, but only slightly. Many news outlets ran with a study … Continue reading

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Monday, 10/29/12

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Sunday, 10/28/12

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