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Wall Street Journal, 5/21/10

“Friends in Low Places” by Harvey Estes – 19:36 Hi everybody. Despite being on a top secret mission in deepest darkest Ontario, I’m here for your blogging pleasure. After all, if I miss too many, the Fiend Executive might start … Continue reading

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Wall Street Journal, 5/7/10 and Crosswords LA recap (2)

“Capitalist Pig”  by Dan Fisher – 10:45 Last weekend, sandwiched by visits to Disneyland, I attended the Crosswords LA 2010 Tournament. Eric Maddy gave a recap here, and the puzzles have been reported as they appeared in the New York … Continue reading

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Wall Street Journal, 4/23/10

“Presented in 3-D” by Randolph Ross –  11:34 Put on your wacky glasses because today’s puzzle is “Presented in 3-D”.

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Wall Street Journal 4/16/10 and Saanich News 4/9/10

Alice Long’s “Joint Accounts” Wall Street Journal Puzzle – 8:03 Hello again. I’ve got a bonus “puzzle” after we look at today’s Wall Street Journal. Parental discretion advised.

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Wednesday, 4/14/10

Onion 5:49 (Black Ink) BEQ 5:28 (Black Ink) NYT 5:12 (Jeffrey)/3:43 (Amy) LAT 3:15 (Black Ink) CS untimed Shhh!!! Amy’s sleeping. This is Jeffrey, sort of awake on Pacific Daylight Time, filling in.

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Wall Street Journal, 4/9/10

“Moral Compass” by Brendan Emmett Quigley – 16:40 Today we get a timely quote puzzle from Brendan Emmett Quigley. Yes,  the Brendan Emmett Quigley who has three great puzzles weekly at his own site, , including a contest today. … Continue reading

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Sunday, 4/4/10 – Crossword Central

New York Times – 23:53 (yikes!) Reagle – 10:33 Boston Globe – 12:50 (with mistakes) Los Angeles Times – 12:35 CrosSynergy – 7:59 Sudoku Puzzle Grid of the Week Big Announcement! – now posted!!!! Welcome to Jeffrey’s Crossword Central! It has … Continue reading

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