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T Campbell is a crossword constructor and comics scriptwriter. Among his cruciverbal accomplishments are the Ubercross C-Spot (the largest puzzle to follow New York Times standard rules), Crossworlds, a collection of 50 science-fiction-themed puzzles, and the forthcoming On Crosswords: Callin' Out Them Squares.

The Week In Crosswords

Some weeks it’s hard to decide which event should lead the coverage. This is not one of those weeks. But it is a story that some may find upsetting, so it goes under the cut.

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The Honorary Orcas

Thanks to Sam Donaldson for his kind permission. While his February Orca Awards will focus on the best puzzles in various important categories, I’d like to give acknowledgment to some other notable record-setters. A number of these records come from … Continue reading

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The Belated Week In Crosswords

I was waylaid by various events last week, including an unexpected change in jobs, a lengthy convention and a fever, so the end-of-year report is running late. But first, here are a few bits of OLD NEWS… Though it’s far … Continue reading

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The Year In Crosswords, 2012

January Betty White’s 90th birthday “bash” consists largely of doing crossword puzzles and “having a wonderful time with my dog.” 30 Rock makes an incisive jab at a certain crossword market with this line, spoken by Jenna: “Amazing news, Liz! … Continue reading

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The Week Out Of Crosswords

Due to a general lack of news (aside from a couple items Amy’s already covered) and a major deadline, the “Week in Crosswords” feature is taking the week off. Special “year in review” edition next week!

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The Week In Crosswords

Puzzlehunt-makers are rolling out some special projects to get the drop on the new year. Andrew J. Ries has announced a crossword-heavy “Metapuzzle 2012” on his site, but its release schedule says 2013 to me. If you like your puzzlehunts … Continue reading

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The Week In Crosswords

The news cycle is beginning its annual hibernation. In the world of light, human-interest stories, you can expect to hear about nothing but Christmas, New Year’s, year-end reviews and the Mayapocalypse, so it’s tempting to conclude that crossword news is … Continue reading

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