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Friday, 1/27/12

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Friday, 10/14/11

Good news! Next week’s New York Times dailies (Monday through Saturday) will be part of a contest. You won’t want to miss any of these crosswords because even if you don’t win one of the prizes (a new collection of … Continue reading

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Friday, 5/20/11

[time_hdr postdate="2011/05/19" plug="friday-52011" puzz="NYT" anchor="ny"]5:16[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/05/19" plug="friday-52011" puzz="LAT" anchor="la"]4:05[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/05/19" plug="friday-52011" puzz="CHE" anchor="ch"]3:59 (pannonica)[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/05/19" plug="friday-52011" puzz="CS" anchor="cs"]untimed (Sam)[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/05/19" plug="friday-52011" puzz="WSJ" anchor="ws"]9:48[/time_hdr]

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Friday, 2/25/11

[time_hdr postdate="2011/02/24" plug="friday-22511" puzz="NYT" anchor="ny"]4:45[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/02/24" plug="friday-22511" puzz="CHE" anchor="ch"]3:57[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/02/24" plug="friday-22511" puzz="LAT" anchor="la"]3:17[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/02/24" plug="friday-22511" puzz="CS" anchor="cs"]untimed[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/02/24" plug="friday-22511" puzz="WSJ" anchor="ws"]8:32[/time_hdr]

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Thursday, 2/24/11

[time_hdr postdate="2011/02/23" plug="thursday-22411" puzz="BEQ" anchor="bq"]7:39 (Gaffney)/4:40 (Amy)[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/02/23" plug="thursday-22411" puzz="NYT" anchor="ny"]4:35[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/02/23" plug="thursday-22411" puzz="LAT" anchor="la"]3:27[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/02/23" plug="thursday-22411" puzz="CS" anchor="cs"]untimed[/time_hdr]

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Saturday, 1/8/11

[time_hdr postdate="2011/01/07" plug="saturday-1811" puzz="NYT" anchor="ny"]8:37[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/01/07" plug="saturday-1811" puzz="LAT" anchor="la"]4:12[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/01/07" plug="saturday-1811" puzz="CS" anchor="cs"]untimed (Janie)[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/01/07" plug="saturday-1811" puzz="WSJ Saturday Puzzle" anchor="wj"]10:32[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/01/07" plug="saturday-1811" puzz="Newsday" anchor="nd"]6:15[/time_hdr] New feature we’re trying out at Diary of a Crossword Fiend: star ratings! … Continue reading

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Wall Street Journal, 8/6/10

“Pin Numbers” by Harvey Estes – 11:09 Hi and welcome to another edition of crosswords with Jeffrey.

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