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Thursday, 6/9/11

[time_hdr postdate="2011/06/08" plug="thursday-6911" puzz="BEQ" anchor="bq"]8:03 MG/5:28 AR[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/06/08" plug="thursday-6911" puzz="Fireball" anchor="fb"]4:56[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/06/08" plug="thursday-6911" puzz="NYT" anchor="ny"]4:00[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/06/08" plug="thursday-6911" puzz="LAT" anchor="la"]6:04 (Neville)[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/06/08" plug="thursday-6911" puzz="CS" anchor="cs"]untimed (Sam)[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/06/08" plug="thursday-6911" puzz="Tausig" anchor="bt"]untimed[/time_hdr]

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Monday, 4/25/11

[time_hdr postdate="2011/04/24" plug="monday-42511" puzz="NYT" anchor="ny"]3:13 (pannonica)[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/04/24" plug="monday-42511" puzz="LAT" anchor="la"]2:48[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/04/24" plug="monday-42511" puzz="CS" anchor="cs"]7:21 (Sam – paper)[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/04/24" plug="monday-42511" puzz="BEQ" anchor="bq"]6:22[/time_hdr]

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Tuesday, 3/29/11

[time_hdr postdate="2011/03/28" plug="tuesday-32911" puzz="Jonesin'" anchor="jn"]4:25[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/03/28" plug="tuesday-32911" puzz="NYT" anchor="ny"]3:36[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/03/28" plug="tuesday-32911" puzz="LAT" anchor="la"]3:04 (Neville)/2:42 (Amy)[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/03/28" plug="tuesday-32911" puzz="CS" anchor="cs"] 6:32 (Evad)[/time_hdr] People of the world! Fans of the CrosSynergy crossword! There’s a new game afoot. Antony Lewis, … Continue reading

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Saturday, 3/12/11

[time_hdr postdate="2011/03/11" plug="saturday-31211" puzz="NYT" anchor="ny"]10:29[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/03/11" plug="saturday-31211" puzz="LAT" anchor="la"]5:00[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/03/11" plug="saturday-31211" puzz="Newsday" anchor="nd"]5:14[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/03/11" plug="saturday-31211" puzz="CS" anchor="cs"]untimed[/time_hdr] All new! The American Crossword Puzzle Tournament has released the list of puzzle-makers in advance, rather than making people wait … Continue reading

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Sunday, 1/16/11

[time_hdr postdate="2011/01/15" plug="snday-11611" puzz="NYT" anchor="ny"]7:51[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/01/15" plug="snday-11611" puzz="Reagle" anchor="mr"]14:39 (Jeffrey)[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/01/15" plug="snday-11611" puzz="BG" anchor="bg"]18:27 (Sam)[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/01/15" plug="snday-11611" puzz="LAT" anchor="la"]8:37[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/01/15" plug="snday-11611" puzz="WaPo" anchor="wp"]5:46[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/01/15" plug="snday-11611" puzz="CS" anchor="cs"]9:02 (Evad)[/time_hdr]

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Monday, 1/3/11

NYT 2:55 LAT 2:52 CS 4:51 (Evad) BEQ 4:57 P.S. Deb Amlen has commandeered the Wordplay blog, effective immediately. She’s funny. I like her.

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Bonus puzzles!

I’m just catching up over at the forum and discovered a birthday puzzle by regular reader Tuning Spork! You don’t have to be me or have a mid-August birthday to appreciate the puzzle. In the two weeks since His Sporkness … Continue reading

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