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Wednesday, 10/3/12

Matt Gaffney’s got a serious article over at Politico. It’s called “The crossword writer’s candidates” and it’s an examination of crossword constructors’ professional reasons for supporting a presidential candidate. It goes way beyond U NU, people.

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Saturday, 8/18/12

This Sunday is the deadline for submitting Lollapuzzoola 5 At Home division scores. I’ve only done the first two puzzles so far. Eek! The stopwatch and I will be busy this weekend. If you missed your chance to buy a … Continue reading

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Tuesday, 4/24/12

Special secret birthday greetings to Crossword Fiend webmaster extraordinaire Evad, occasional guest blogger PuzzleGirl, and constructor Byron Walden. [edited to add: and perhaps most importantly, our to-be-53rd POTUS, Amy's son Ben.]

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Monday, 1/9/12

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