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Monday, 12/24/12

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Tuesday, 7/3/12

We’re about a month off from Lollapuzzoola 5! Saturday, August 4, in the Upper East Side of the Manhattan Island. Optional Pizza Social after the crossword tournament concludes. Visit bemoresmarter.com for details. Heads up! Matt Gaffney’s review of Patrick Blindauer’s … Continue reading

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Monday, 5/2/11

[time_hdr postdate="2011/05/01" plug="monday-5211" puzz="NYT" anchor="ny"]3:30 (pannonica)[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/05/01" plug="monday-5211" puzz="LAT" anchor="la"]4:47 in nasty applet[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/05/01" plug="monday-5211" puzz="CS" anchor="cs"]5:15 (Sam)[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/05/01" plug="monday-5211" puzz="BEQ" anchor="bq"]6:39[/time_hdr] LA Times crossword applet for Monday’s puzzle here

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Monday, 3/28/11

[time_hdr postdate="2011/03/27" plug="monday-32811" puzz="BEQ" anchor="bq"]4:25[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/03/27" plug="monday-32811" puzz="LAT" anchor="la"]2:55[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/03/27" plug="monday-32811" puzz="NYT" anchor="ny"]2:49[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/03/27" plug="monday-32811" puzz="CS" anchor="cs"]5:15 (Evad)[/time_hdr] I’m heading to a spring puzzle fest at a Chicago puzzle pal’s house this evening, so I’ll be late … Continue reading

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