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T Campbell’s “Ubercross C-Spot” crossword T Campbell, the crossword and comics fiend who’s been writing the weekly series of “Callin’ Them Squares” posts here to explore all the types of crosswords we encounter, wants to break the record for the … Continue reading

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Saturday, 5/28/11

[time_hdr postdate="2011/05/27" plug="saturday-52811" puzz="Newsday" anchor="nd"]5:30[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/05/27" plug="saturday-52811" puzz="LAT" anchor="la"]5:00[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/05/27" plug="saturday-52811" puzz="NYT" anchor="ny"]4:47[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/05/27" plug="saturday-52811" puzz="CS" anchor="cs"]untimed (Sam)[/time_hdr] [time_hdr postdate="2011/05/27" plug="saturday-52811" puzz="WSJ Saturday Puzzle" anchor="wj"]12 minutes[/time_hdr] Three announcements: Registration is now open for Lollapuzzoola 4, now organized … Continue reading

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Blog contest, Ubercross Fiddy edition

The Challenge: The recent newspaper profile of T Campbell reminded me that I have been remiss in launching that blog contest T and I had discussed. In keeping with the epic size of his Ubercross Fiddy puzzle, this contest is … Continue reading

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